Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rainy Saturday at the Portland Saturday Market

Saturday was a rainy morning at the Portland Saturday Market. Classic local weather... a constant drizzle, occasional real rain, persisting for hours. It was drab, and wet. I am getting used to my new/used tent and the top collects water, which I have to spill out in little waterfalls. Kinda scary. These tents do that! I have ideas though, techniques that will improve this situation... the tighter I get the corners - the more taught I can get the top to pull (which decreases pooling water) and also my neighbor had a great make-shift use of some clamps to push the canopy up. Oh yeah. Next time I will do better. This Saturday I was soggy. Did I mention the seams leak in my new top as well? Terribly. I was pretty wet.

Anyhow - the weather spiffed up a bit in the afternoon. It was actually a nice day after about 3pm. We had some great entertainment at the market - these guys rocked out. I meant to buy their CD and the picture here doesn't show their name. Woops. Any shout outs to who these guys were?

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