Sunday, September 13, 2009

Screams of Joy

All day at the Portland Saturday Market I listen to screams of joy from the kids playing in the fountain. Its awesome. Sometimes funny, mostly its just cute. Occasionally there are screams that sound like bloody murder, but there is a smiling frolicking child behind that blood curdling noise.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day at the Market - in September - in Portland! Go figure. So I put my shade top back on the booth and cooked like a slab of bacon. It was ridiculously hot in my booth. It was beautiful, don't get me wrong. It was hot in my booth... I drank a lot of water and I sweated. I brought my wonderful new sunhat though, and that was helpful (and fun to get another opporutnity to wear it!!)

Sunday the Pacific NW cloudy sky rolled in and contrary to the weather reports (which called for mostly sunny, high upper 80s) it rained in the afternoon. And I had my shade top on my tent which is NOT water retardant - in fact its more of a weird mesh weeve, so the rain just rained right thru it. Yep. I got rained on, under my tent. I honestly considered going to my car and getting an umbrella to stand under, as in stand under my booth with an umbrella over my head to keep my dry. What a site that would have been! Luckily my work could care less, the mobiles were dancing in the wind and looking beautiful with rain, its more just me... and a few labels on product packaging... but I simply decided to repackage a few things later and not really worry too much in the moment - my regular tent top was in storage too far away and I crossed my fingers that the rain would just stop. In the meantime I went and got myself some beans and rice from Donna Lola and it stopped raining. Then it got sunny and warm again.

Ah Portland in the fall. Its fall now. hm...

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