Thursday, September 17, 2009


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Yesterday my dear friend Aimee met me at the studio to sort scrap. Whew. I had stopped at Ikea and purchased six clear plastic containers for Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple. These do not really do the job entirely, but I like them :)

Its dirty work. I forgot to take pictures! My hands were covered in glass dust and dirt and oil (oil lubricates the cutter). Most of the scraps are from cutting circles, so its sharp corner bits from the outsides of circles.

I'll take more pictures later to show the mayhem.


Erin said...

what do you do with the scrap?

aimee said...

Scrap from big mobiles becomes mini mobis and computer mobis! And then the leftover bits from that become "kid bits" (random pieces for giveaways) or get turned into confetti glass sheets.