Monday, September 21, 2009

This morning I was filmed for TV

Here I am with Brooke (the lifestyle correspondent for Better Portland) and Eric (the man behind the camera). They were a great team, very friendly and professional and casual. I cannot say enough good things about Eric and Brooke - the were great to work with. It was relatively fun! I made a ring for Brooke while we chatted about the Portland Saturday Market and my business. The shop was alive with action, there were a 4 lovely ladies torchworking and another 4 people were working on some glass fusing projects. I am not usually in the studio on Monday mornings (after a long weekend vending at the Portland Saturday Market I stay home Monday morning) so it was fun to see so many friendly faces! I hope they all enjoyed (or at least didn't mind too much) having a FOX tv crew up in their space!

Oh I forgot to mention this will air October 16th at 1pm on Fox 12 Better


Mary Kelly said...

awesome! how exciting and just after your post about vulnerability and being in the public eye. Sometimes it seems like you are not only representing your business but also Saturday Market as well. You make a good spokesperson and I'm sure you were fun to film as well.


Naomi said...

You rock! Swweeeeeet nectar! Have fun away from Portland too.