Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What are the huge slugs in Oregon!

Oregon has some huge slimy slugs. This critter pictured above was at least 6-7inches long.
Even though they give me the heebeegeebees I had to take some shots of them... the texture in their skin is neat and the rusty old train tracks made for great pictures! I like how you can see his slimy trail in this shot below
I am not sure, but I think these two slugs are getting it on! Slug sex! Kinda looks like a yin yang with a ball of foam in the middle.
The thing that was freaking me out the most about these gigantic slugs, was they were all over the train tracks and I was afraid of accidentally stepping on them. Oooo slimy shoes - that'd be gross.There were a lot of neat caterpillars too! Seemed like every one looked different. (I called the one above the "camo caterpillar") And it definitely seemed like caterpillar time of year (is there such a thing) because they were everywhere, chillin', movin' along, munching leaves and being cute...
I took so many pictures of a couple of them, I made stop-motion films! So cute!


Curly Girl Glass said...

the top guys are banana slugs
nice shots!

rosebud101 said...

Leah, great photos! I get kind of grossed out with slugs, but they are a necessary part of our earth. Thanks for sharing.