Friday, September 4, 2009

What's in My Drawers

As a follow-up to my Ode to Trays, I thought I show whats in my drawers.

After accumulating a large stack (10) of plastic drawer inserts from Ikea, I finally broke down and bought the metal drawers that the plastic trays were meant to go in! Two of these drawer units and a piece of wood from the ReBuilding Center and voila - a desk!
I put this together for myself over a year ago and it has served me well. Not only does it organize the bits for me and get the trays off the floor, but its a good desk! The yoga ball makes an excellent chair also.
Here is what the tray looks like empty: its nice and deep, its inexpensive, the individual compartments aren't overly small (those bead/fishing plastic organizers have such small compartments) and I like the variety of sizes of the 5 compartments in each tray.

And heres what the trays look like in my drawers:


Pink Trees and Sunshine said...


rosebud101 said...

Looks great, Leah! You inspire me to organize!

aimee said...

I love looking at your piles of glass bits! There's so much potential and glassy goodness!

Lisa said...

NICE, I wish I had that stuff in my drawers!! :)

piddix said...

Totally jealous of your office. Though perhaps even more-so of your Dad's "man-cave."