Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'll be back...

I' sitting in the PDX airport right now... this is the view out the window at my gate. Its boring waiting for flights when they make us show up so early in advance... but the internet access is spot-on so I am playing around online. I thought I'd leave a little blog entry to say I'll be back next week. I've got family visits planned for this week. A baby and a wedding. We are flying out today and back on Sunday.

And I just have to add a little side-note that cracks me up personally... the security checkpoint here in PDX was pumping out loud relaxing music, soothing contemporary stuff - the attempt of subliminal mind control to keep people calm and patient was awesome! Its like the roller coaster of subliminal messages that movie theaters play before the film starts and assures that you will want to consume popcorn and candy while watching that movie. I love it. So I asked the security lady who was handing us back our shoes and such if the music made a difference and she laughed and said unfortunately NO. Ah well... I liked the intentions.

Magically as soon as I walked away from the security checkpoint I couldn't hear the music anymore, they really have pumped it specifically into that area where people are sitting around with their pants falling down, looking for their belts and shoes... emotionally frail, their hair tossled from the air-puffer bomb detecting box and their small toiletries in clear plastic bags strewn around outside their bags. I'd like to think the soothing music helps. It certainly made me smile.


Erin said...

have fun seeing the baby & at the wedding! take lots of pictures!

rosebud101 said...

Have a great time, Leah!