Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the dress I found

This is the dress I found to wear to my cousin's wedding. Its creme and black printed fabric with black trim. The fabric is beautiful, sort of a paisley lotus flower kind of thing - rocking out in B/W, well creme, but still. I altered the straps to fit me properly - oooh - I still need to sew them down! They are safety-pinned at the moment :) This is the nicest thing I've ever bought from the Goodwill (it hadn't even been worn before, still had tags on it) - do I dare mention it was only $20!!

I found shoes at Marshalls and a shawl from the import market downtown, each only cost me $20. I am now prepared for this fall wedding and no budgets were broken - for shizzle! Yeah!


rosebud101 said...

It looks wonderful! What a great find!

Erin said...

You will look beautiful (as always)!