Thursday, December 3, 2009

All the Little Glass Pieces

I have made a lot of mobiles in the last few days. Today Aimee I got to hang out and create things and discuss our plans for this weekend. "Squeeatle" awaits us. We are both very excited. This pretty picture above is from production of little kits to make your own mobile. Oh yeah. I will have 30 of these kits with me at Urban Craft Uprising - for $15 each (regular online price is $20!)

At times I am so overwhelmed with getting ready, so many mobiles to make, so many earrings, so many creations to package and box up... One whole tub is all packed with tools and bits - crafty goodness ya know... a.k.a. projects that I didn't get a chance to finish! :)

Currently I feel very peaceful, with 7 tubs and 5 bags all packed and ready to be squished into the car (yes my car is small, but it is high capacity! I think I'll be able to fit this all no problem) all I have left to do is make some signs so I can print and laminate them before I leave tomorrow. I won't be back till Sunday. I already wonder what I will have forgotten to bring!


Naomi said...

Good Luck at the show!!!! Wish I was there:( Rock it sista!

Pink Tree Studio said...

Good luck!!! Hope to see you at the Saturday Market before the end of the year :~)

rosebud101 said...

Good luck, Leah!