Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Busy Bees in the Garden

Production continues here in the Garden of Leah... I am right in the middle of my big holiday retail shows... last weekend at the Portland Saturday Market was pretty hectic... now this coming weekend is going to get even crazier... and then the weekend after that I'll be in two different places! Oh my.
Last night I made some 50 little mini mobiles. I even suckered the boys into helping me, sticking labels to packages and whatnot... good help is key! This morning I am back at it with more wire bending, making all these little bits of glass and wire into cool gifty things... the two red triangles in this picture above made me smile - the wire from one is trapped in the corner of the other piece. They are best friends forever :) woops.

This weekend I will be up in Seattle at Urban Craft Uprising - I'll blog about it when I can find the image for this show (for some reason they don't have it on their website, but the poster/postcard this year is awesome, so I'm gonna scan it)

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