Monday, December 7, 2009

Urban Craft Uprising Good Time

I am back from Seattle - it was a great weekend, felt like a vacation, with a whole bunch of work in the middle :) I loved staying downtown right by the Pike's Place Market - Aimee and I walked down there both Saturday and Sunday morning before the show. That place feels like a whole different world early in the morning as the vendors are opening shop and the bakers are spilling with fresh warm treats. Its pretty incredible. I took a lot of pictures - heres a link to see more.After gathering Pikes Place Market treats we headed to the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall for the show. It was an exciting two days. The hours flew past and I really loved it. I will definitely apply again next year!! A big thank-you to all the lovely Seattle-ites that came out to this show - a record breaking 8,800 attendees. It was pretty packed, and people were shopping with glee.
I've got a little video of my booth somewhere, I'll upload it tomorrow, gives a better view of what it looked like!

Check out my flickr page to see the 50 or so pictures I took this weekend of all the awesome crafty goodness and Seattle sites...

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