Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vending = A Good Workout

this is a picture of my friend Judi pushing her market stuff to her car

This is my summery of the routine that is vending at the PSM:

Pack the tubs, move the tubs, pack the car with tubs and tables/whatnot, unpack the car and load whatnot into the booth, move the car hiking to and from the various allotted parking places, unload stuff from storage, roll out tent from storage (have I mentioned this "unloading" involves walking about 2 blocks up and down a couple of ramps, across a major 4-lane road *there's a cross-walk signal* and across a set of train tracks - yeah - pushing a cart)... where was I. Oh yeah, get the tent to stand up tall and hang walls and lights, weights are good, and signs on the booth... then get all the stuff out of the tubs and set up shop. And then act like a sales-lady all day. wha?!

When I first started the market years ago my friend Helen always came down in the morning on Saturday and helped me set up. I would buy her fresh tortillas from this vendor who would be making them in the morning. She would help me pick a spot and set up the booth. Thanks Helen!! After a while I tackled doing it myself and gained some confidence, its a great workout and sorta peaceful when you're well-organized and alone. For the last 6 years Tim has helped me set up when he can. I am not much of a morning person, and I am not tall, so having his help in the morning is wonderful. If you ever want a taste-test of the market let me know and I'll buy you breakfast and you can help me set up my booth! ha! just kidding. Thats a bum deal - trust me! :)

Anyhow, no Tim help this weekend. Friday night Tim had his first closing shift at The Morrison Street Grill, so he didn't get home till around 2am. Thus no AM style help from Tim... therefore I was on my own. And man oh man did I break a sweat! I am shorter than the load I was pushing around on this gigantic wooden cart, so that was humerus as hell, me bouncing around trying to keep momentum but also having to see what obstacles were in front of me...

This huge cart barely fits threw the door from storage, and then I push it down a ramp, across the train tracks, down a cobblestone road, across Naito Parkway, threw a crowd of vendors waiting to get spots (non reserved space vendors), up a ramp and around the marketplace to my spot. Whew. That kicked my ass. Seriously.

I knew it was going to be raining Sunday and I was planning on not vending in the yucky weather, but sheer exhaustion by the end of Saturday made me decide to leave my booth up and vend another day. So I got rained on all Sunday. Fortunately there were some happy mobile-loving customers down at the market that appreciated my presence. It started really pouring when I had to take my booth down in the rain. Fortunately my brother comes and helps me take down, so I wasn't alone getting drenched in the rain, I got him wet as well!

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