Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jewelry is Art, Art Can Be Jewelry

Jewelry is art, art can be jewelry

Alexander Calder was well known for his mobiles - but he also was a prolific jeweler. The Seattle Art Museum has an exhibit going on right now of Calder's work and there is a workshop this month exploring his line of jewelry.

This year I started making little mobile earrings, motivated by friends of mine that would hold my mini mobiles up to their ears and ask me to make them earrings. I have lots of little bits of scrap glass left over from large installations, so this is a great project! Tiny little mini glass mobiles that be worn as jewelry. I love wearing them, they are completely unusual and strange, but somehow really cute a the same time. And they dance - which makes me smile. - related post: New: Mobile Earrings

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