Monday, December 14, 2009

Crafty Wonderland 2009 Pictures Oh My!

It was a foggy morning yesterday when I went out to set up for Crafty Wonderland at the Convention. The roads were icy and it was cold!
The show was such a hit! Over 7,000 people attended - all happy people, friends and families shopping and looking for great unique gifts. I swear each year I do this show it seems to double in every way. Its bigger, its more successful, its more organized, its more fun, and the line to get in the door is incredible!
I rushed out at 10:45am to get pictures of the line (the door opens at 11 and the first 200 people get free bags of awesome goodies). People had started lining up around 9:30am. The line was so long it took me 15 minutes to travel the length of it, past the Starbucks, around the corner, up the escalator, down another hallway, up another escalator and down another hall to the doors by the MAX train. 2,000 people had lined up at the door to get it at 11am. I find that to be AMAZING. I saw many friends in line and it was so wonderful. Then I had to run back and get back to my booth as the show opened!Here is a little slide-show I put together of pictures from the day - it just takes a moment to watch and I thought that was easier than posting a zillion pictures, and this way you get to listen to Charlie Brown Christmas music while looking at the pictures :)

The show was really well organized, I can't say that enough! The ladies had us all set up with vendor badges and coupons for food and parking indoors to load in/out... the kids had their own aisle this year, which I thought was really a highlight of the show: a whole row of young artists and their artwork. I think a lot of them sold out really quickly (if they stayed in their booths!).

Oh and there was a crafting area with different projects running thru-out the day... I didn't get pictures of that cuz I was busy in my booth selling mobiles... but I heard great things about the crafting tables.

I'll end my bloggy post with a picture of the Super Crafty Surprise Machine that dispensed little balls of goodness - there was so much crafty goodness at this show, and crafty wonderful friends - it was quite simply a crafty wonderland :)

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Pink Tree Studio said...

So glad I ran into you!!! I totally missed your booth :~( Not sure how I did that, as I went back and forth through the show several times :~) Hope you did well!!!