Friday, December 4, 2009

Live from the 6th Floor

Aimee and I have arrived in Seattle - we're all set up for Urban Craft Uprising, and we went to the Art Museum as well - its been a great day!
Currently we're checked into our most wonderful hotel - the Moore Hotel - its really inexpensive, right by Pikes Place Market and absolutely darling. But then I tried to use the internet.

I called the front desk, my room is on the 7th floor, the nice man told me I had to go to the 6th floor to use the internet. And he informed me that theres a chair outside the elevator on the 6th floor and that is where I could log on. Indeed, theres a chair. Theres even a plug right behind the chair, conveniently located at head level so I didn't even have to bend over to plug my computer in. Despite the fact that I am in pajama pants and sitting in the staircase of an old hotel, I find this internet experience to be extremely entertaining.

Aimee took pictures for your viewing pleasure.
This is the router that hung from the ceiling on the 6th floor. There is no router on the 7th floor. Evidently that makes a difference. I am tempted to sit on the stairs half-way between the floors and see what I get.
Oh and there was a folded towel on one of the beds in our room - a towel doggy! How cute is that!?

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rosebud101 said...

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