Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Artisans Market in Pioneer Place

Wow its really cold outside and there are a handful of vendors from the Portland Saturday Market that set up shop in Pioneer Place Downtown during this whole week - its called the Holiday Artisans Market - and its a great way for downtown shoppers to get a bunch of handmade gifts. But lets be serious - its friggin' cold outside! Fortunately its sunny now, but its not even 20degrees outside. This morning before the sun rose some TV camera crews came down and filmed live TV. My friend Jan volunteered for the super AM gig and I had to share here: (Jan you did great - I found this very funny!)

I am home and warm today, doing some shipping and preparing for next weekend - I'm prepping for Crafty Wonderland now!! I do hope my friends down at the Holiday Artisans Market are doing great business and staying reasonably warm.

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