Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All the Little Cuts

My fingerprints take a daily beating. I don't know how glass artists prevent getting all the little tiny cuts. I don't. Combine this abuse with a black Sharpie pen (I use sharpie on glass to trace lines around stencils and clumsily turn my fingers black) and I've stains the cuts as well!

Today was just a day of cuts, I got myself with some thick paper (ouch, paper-cuts are the worst) and then somehow took off a chunk of a finger on the edge of my screen door, then a few run-ins with the sharp edges of glass. *sigh* Its amazing the way the hands heal. Thank you mother nature.


Erin said...

Your poor little hands! Orson has offered to drool on them.

rosebud101 said...


Leah said...

Orson drool helps anything, especially a dry shoulder :)

I am such a klutz lately! I have also managed to gouge my right leg with wire 3 times (drew blood each time), I embedded a splinter in my palm that I can't get out, and then last night while BBQing I stepped (barefoot) on a hot coal and burned my foot. Ouch.

Oh and I have 3 blisters on my pinky finger. wha?!

Kirsten said...

Ouch! I use some self sticking gauze tape on my fingers, I think I bought it at Delphi Glass... I don't get all those cuts anymore!