Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a Mr. Rogers thank you

I know its summer when I have to break out an extra pair of comfy shoes to have at the shop. You see, in the summer I gotta let my feet breath, so I wear leather flip flop kinda things, but at the shop there is a rule that artists have to wear closed toe shoes (makes sense, you could go dropping sharp glass on a bare foot and then you'd have to go to the hospital, shoes slow the glass down considerably, no feet cuts for me). So in the summer I leave a pair of shoes and extra socks at the shop.

I call it my Mr. Rogers moment - when I walk in the shop and change shoes, sometimes I sorta get to singing about neighbors and whatnot :)

So today after I changed shoes (and took a picture as to blog about my daily Mr. Rogers moment) I happened to later knock over a cottage cheese container that was full of random sharp pieces of glass, right at my feet (which I happened to be standing right where I had left my sandals) and I had to take another picture, cuz you see what could have happened had I not had my shoes on!
By the way - shout out to little baby Orson - thanks for the nail polish :) see I painted my toes!


Ombra said...

where did you get those fabulous sandals? I love them!

Leah said...

thanx! I do too!

I first found a pair like this in Thailand... then I left them at the beach one time (so sad) and years later I met these wonderful shoe makers at the Portland Saturday Market and showed them a picture of the Thai sandals I had lost and they made me a new pair!!! I LOVE them. The shoe makers now have an etsy site:

Erin said...

Orson thinks your toes look gorgeous!

gemz said...

Ditto on Orson's thought. Nice toes!!