Friday, June 5, 2009


I picked up some boxes today. Oleo the cat inspected the pile before they got put away and ready for shipping. I think I could have fit another 10 in the car... but I thought this would be as many as possible for one run.

I have blogged about these recycled boxes before, but I gotta say it again - I love them!! Whats not to love about recycling my shipping boxes! I believe these boxes once shipped computer chip boards, something like that... they are lined with pink foam
I didn't know if Carton Services would have any more for me - and I was so happy to find that they did! Yeah for cheap sturdy boxes lined with pink foam!!

My mobiles love getting shipped to their new homes in these recycled boxes.



Lisa said...

Freecycle is also a great place to get boxes. I give them away all the time. A by-product of an online shopping habit. ;o)

Etsy Glass Artists-EGA said...
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shopPOPKO said...

oh i keep forgetting freecycle. leah, how did you hook up with these awesome things?