Friday, June 19, 2009

Camera Strap Cover

I made this custom camera strap cover today, with Father's Day swiftly approaching I thought maybe this would be the perfect gift of crafty-goodness to give to my Dad. He loves his camera, and I love mine - and what better accessory than a strap cover! :) And I love to give handmade gifts... so this afternoon my to-do list included whipping up a camera strap cover.

So I went to Fabric Depot and checked out their outdoor sale (good lord the crazy deals on useless crap at their hugemongous every summer annual outdoor sale) and I picked up some fun remnants, a bit of orange fabric... the choice that won in the end (the stripes in the photo) is actually a wide athletic trim. Fabric Depot always has boxes of spools of different athletic trims for sale in this summer blow outs, its sorta strange and I always wonder what to do with this stuff... anyhow, I saw these stripes and I thought it looked fun but not too crazy crafty (I was trying to imagine what my Dad might like in a crafty strap cover) and it happened to be the perfect width. All I had to do was sew up the sides to create a tube that fits over the standard camera strap.

bam. I made two. Now I have a matching one. Its crafty stylish for sure.
Heres a link to the DIY blog I saw about making a camera strap cover, I didn't really do much of it though, the athletic trim was just the right width that I only had to sew the sides...

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