Friday, June 19, 2009

Farmer Don's Secret Patch

Okay, so I went strawberry picking again - Tim hadn't gone yet and I happened to read Farmer Don's blog and see that there is a "secret field" of strawberries somewhere on Kruger farm that you can only know if you ask Farmer Don.
Secret Patch you say?! I thought this sounded exciting, and I'd spotted Farmer Don on his farm before. This seemed like a great opportunity to say Hi and get the inside information.
I had no trouble finding Farmer Don and he was a pleasure to talk to and we got to learn a bit about his farm. And this secret patch was worth the trip! It was honestly amazing. The berries were huge and luscious. Warm from the sun and red ripe and juicey. They tasted like strawberry pie.

I was very impressed by this particular plant. Look how perfect it is!And on the way I had fun with my camera, experimented with taking pictures from the car. I am constantly impressed by the Nikon D80. I got some great pictures on the road up to Sauvie IslandI like how the blue train car looks against the white silos.And the beautiful St. John's bridge... and then this house that is right before the bridge, I swear it looks like the house from the movie "Fight Club". I'd love to know the story behind this building, I think its very mysterious and intriguing, totally eye-catching.


Erin said...

Oooh, a secret strawberry patch! Looks delicious!
I love that building too! Every time we drive past, I want to buy it and live there. I'm sure it's totally polluted with industrial waste but it's so interesting looking.

gemz said...

Secret patch??!!!*(^*&%*%$#@$@#^$%

rosebud101 said...

So, how delicious were the "secret" strawberries? I'll be they were scrumptious!

Leah said...

the secret patch was great. really amazing berries, all so large and soo soo tastey.

he said that next week hes gonna do a blog reader preview of the ready raspberry patches!!