Thursday, June 4, 2009

U-Pick Strawberries

Strawberry parfait in mason jars. Um yummy. They are sitting in the fridge right now cooling and waiting for us to eat them for dessert. I made key lime yogurt by combining Nancy's plain yogurt, sweetened condensed milk and key lime juice.... and I cut up a pint of berries that I picked this afternoon, sprinkled a little sugar on them... I layered with a few graham crackers - bam - key lime pie strawberry parfait. Oh yeah.This afternoon I had a wonderful time out on Sauvie Island at Kruger farm. Strawberry U-Picking time is in full swing, there were still loads of green berries, but plenty of red ripe ones for eatting and taking home. I am sorta a slow picker, there were just one or two good berries in each bush... and some were too perfect to take home. Woop - gotta eat them right on the spot :). But I took plenty home to eat over the weekend.
We filled the car with berries, okay so we could have gotten a few more pints in there, but it was hot and sticky and 90% humidity with random full sun (it was a few hours before a crazy wind/hail/thunder storm hit portland and took the city down). And I won't eat all of those, there were 4 of us picking and we brought home a flat for a friend to make jam with. I just picked 5 pints, cost me $7. (we were "silver pickers" just 3lbs shy of the "gold pickers" discount and too sweaty to go back for more)
Update: the key lime pie strawberry parfait was so so very tastey, we gobbled them up! You could hear our spoons rattling around in the jars scraping out every last lick of goodness... the graham crackers turned into cake-like layers from soaking up juices and expanding and the sweet/sour combo is just oh so tastey!

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