Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Weekend at the Market

The Rose Festival Parade was this weekend - I took pictures of some of the floats in the morning and the kid rides while they were empty before the park opened. The view from my booth has been these kid rides for a few weeks now. This weekend was the last couple days of "Fleet Week" so there were Navy and Coast Guard ships pulled up to the Burnside bridge. Thousands of people come down to tour the ships and check it all out. I walked along the esplanade and took some pictures. There was a time (decades ago) when dozens of big military ships would pull into Portland for Fleet Week and line the river from downtown to all up around Sauvie Island. Girls from farms towns around Washington and Oregon would drive into town to meet the sailors, many women met their husbands during fleet week. Seems different now, only a few ships pull up, mostly right between the Morrison and Steel Bridges. So at the Portland Saturday Market we were right in the middle of the ships. The coast guard did a big theatrical drill on Saturday and put a big helicopter down above the water to show what a rescue mission looked like and create a big cloud of kicked up river water to wow the crowds.

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