Saturday, June 27, 2009

Snacks on Commercial Flights

I was under the impression that domestic commercial flights had stopped offering complimentary beverages and pretzels. No biggy to me (although its a drag that you can't get thru security with a never-before-opened bottle of water and then are forced to purchase another bottle for $5 in the airport gift shops... but thats a whole nuther rant)
Last weekend I flew down to CA on Alaskan Airlines. It struck me that not only did we still get beverages on the flight - we got snacks too!

Pictured above is my snacks from the flight home - the "Snacks du Jour" was a tastey cracker/pretzel kinda mix. They offered free soda and whatnot (I'm a cheap date, I just like water) and they even offered complimentary beer or wine.

You got that right! Complimentary beer or wine. Yep.

Alaskan Airlines used to be well known to me for the complimentary beer/wine service. I had really thought they had stopped doing this years ago. But low and behold the service is back!! (or did it never go away?) They serve micro-brews from the Pacific NW (for my flight it was a MacTarnahans) and local wines as well - no other domestic airline has ever offered me such good free beverages - my boyfriend loves this service - but they only fly up and down the West Coast.

Oh and then after the snacks du jour we were treated to a chocolate in the form of Almond Roca.

Yeah for Alaskan Airlines. They get a thumbs up from me!!!


rosebud101 said...

Sounds like a great flight to me!

aimee said...

I flew Alaska up to Seattle (on my way home) and was too damn scared of flying to take advantage of their snacks & drinks. (Alas, flight partner Horizon that took me to NJ did not offer the free snacks. Curses!)