Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Geeking Out With Type

I think there is an inner font geek inside my brain somewhere.There is something about looking thru drawers of type. Letterpress equipment is fun stuff to hang around, and there is something about the type in particular that is so delicious to me.
All the little metal pieces in their little compartments in drawers, little bits of ink staining the occasional well loved letter...I had my camera with me the other day while visiting Jan in her studio. She has a letterpress and many drawers of different type.
and then there is the bag of random type that is waiting on the to-do list to be put away in their drawers, Jan had a name for this bag of randomness... I don't remember it though. Visually this bag is really appealing to me, how the camera picks up on the occasional letter and the pieces that are still inked... it looks like rubble sort of metal alphabet soup :)

By the way, we have played around with using lettering in our glass process a few times, like on this little plate pictured above.

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