Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Ornaments

I've got to get my Christmas ornaments listed online... they are wonderful little glass treasures, great for gift exchanges and family ornament collections.
I am not happy with the pictures I've taken so far. The ornaments look great on the tree... the lights blew on my little display tree though, so no twinkle action... I have another idea to try this afternoon (a santa hat?)They are supposed to look like little packages, with a bowtie at the top that I make in the torch and fuse onto the little glass square. The square I make in all different patterns... so the photography is something that I have really only begun. So far I just don't think the background or the staging screams Christmas yet... I've got to try a little harder to really show how cute these guys are! And then I've got to figure out how to list them so its not too hard to buy more than one (and I am hesititant about overwhelming my shop with ornaments...)


Danielle said...

cute cute! I like the look of snow falling.

What about sets of two or four? Or a picture of them leaning on presents?

your word for verification is fackin and that cracks me up.

Leah said...

check this one out - a selection of 3:

Daisy said...

am still searching for the Christmas ornaments!