Sunday, November 2, 2008

Super Simple Borosilicate Glass Ornament

Clearly I could/should have decorated this glass ball... the point is, its easy to simply blow out a borosilicate point and create a simple Christmas tree ornament. The little metal caps (with the wire) are available from glass supply distributors... if you are an artist that uses the Aquila studio, they have the metal caps available for sale there as well. If you take my Ornament class, you make at least a dozen of these little imperfect creations, and I put the little metal tops on them for you, after they have been annealed.

Come take a class - learn to do this - or try at your studio at home!

Basically... pull a point of tubing, decorate the bubble, blow it out and anneal it. This pic-tutorial shows how to crack off the blowpipe afterwards and create your simple ornament:

Beginning with your annealed point with the blown out ball, blowpipe still attached



Danielle said...

Lovely...You make it sound so easy. I will have to go see when the class is.

maggie said...

That is rad.