Saturday, November 1, 2008

Glass Give-Away: Cutey Drop

I found this little blue droplet and I thought I'd share. He makes me smile and he deserves a good home!

He has a cutsey little "O" expression and a jump-ring thru the little hole on the top of his head.

I made these years ago... in all different colors and different facial expressions. I have a jacket somewhere that I attached a yellow one to the zipper... and a few change purses that these got attached to as well. I even made a few mobiles that every droplet had a different facial expression, like little characters - I loved these mobiles!!! Occasionally their owners will visit me at the Portland Saturday Market and tell me that they own a mobile made by me that have little faces on the drops - and I squeal and smile with the memories and inform them that they own a collectors item :)

Well I found this little blue one and I thought I'd share. He has a cutsey little "O" expression and a jump-ring thru the little hole on the top of his head.

He could be yours! Simply leave a comment (and spread the word to friends and family of the FREE opportunity on my blog here - ANYONE can win!) and make sure that I can contact you if you win (leave your email in the comment if you don't have a blog or if your blog profile is private)

These give-aways are the real deal - HERE you can see who all has won and received previous FREE give-aways. The point of these promotions is to drive more traffic to my blog and give away clutter from my studio.

This giveaway will run from 11/1/08 thru 11/15/08 - Good Luck!


Lisa said...

He's adorable. I picture him as a key chain. Zipper pull is a great idea as well. Or a lamp pull. Hmmmm... I think you should sell these. :O)

Leah said...

hm thanx! I made these years ago... at the time I was watching a lot of Totorro and thinking it would be fun to make little 3D characters...

Anonymous said...

Hi Leah, I love this little dad has been bugging me to make him a zipper pull for his Harley jacket (yes, he's 79 and still rides!) I think this would be perfect. :) Melinda

VIE said...

Hi i found you through Crafts mag on line . I guess i am a little slow on this blog stuff but i thought your glass items were fun I would not do the blowing hthing but so like hand made things you can send the cutey drop to me :)
Vie in TExas