Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cup of Tea

It has rained here in Portland every day this month. Perpetual gray weather, not much hard dramatic rain, just constant drizzly stuff.

I am drinking tea, black tea from the Tao of Tea, its called Emperors Gold. A delicious golden leaf tips loose leaf tea. I was too lazy to brew a pot of tea today. Instead I just made one cup. Does anyone else have any of these Pom cups, I love them. I make fruit/yogurt parfaits in them, and I drink tea out of them. They have these little lids that fit perfectly on top and they are made of pyrex so they can get really hot or cold without any problems (like canning jars). Its disappointing that Pom sells there juicey tea in plastic containers now. Too bad. I'm not even that fond of the Pom tea stuff, I just liked the cups - I've got a small collection of them now!

Okay, I am babbling. I should be working. I liked how the tea looks with the dark color around the leaves at the bottom of the cup.

It looks like Friday we may get some sun here in the Pacific NW. I won't hold my breath, but I will be quite pleased if that actually happens.

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Lashez said...

It's also supposed to be dry this weekend...