Friday, November 21, 2008

Handmade and Affordable Glass Christmas Ornaments

the Christmas Tree Ornament section is now open in my online shop!

These glass tree ornaments are the perfect gift this season!

Completely handmade by me, Leah, and affordable for you, my beloved customers!
They look like little presents (packages of glittering joy!) with little bow ties on the tops (I make the bows using a torch, then I fuse them onto the 2.5" squares). The "wrapping paper" patterns are made in a variety of different ways, the red ornament above is made by scattering my scrap pieces of red glass on a thin piece of iridized glass (there is a silver or gold iridescent film on the back of the ornaments so they will glitter on the tree with the lights and all) and I kiln fire all this scrap to turn it into a big flat sheet that I then cut up into small squares. Processes like this allow me to keep my cost low and consume some of the little pieces of scrap I have left at the end of the year!
The snowflake pattern is made using copper foil and a paper punch. I blogged about them a while back.

All of these ornaments are for sale now in my Etsy shop. Great for gift exchanges and family gatherings!

Happy Holidays!


LeaKarts said...

Those are so pretty!

Mary Kelly said...

oh those are so nice. I really like the bowtie hanger.

autumncomfort said...

Leah I love these. Beautiful!