Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today I reserved my spot for next years Portland Saturday Market site! Check it out - this is a digital rendering of where I will be!!! Right in front on the waterfront! All these years of volunteering a lot of time and effort at the market have finally paid off. (I help clean the office every week and I am a member of the product review committee) I will have a really good spot, right in front. In this picture you would be facing the Burnside bridge , standing in the new park that PDC is building, looking at my booth. :)

The picture below is the digi rendering of what the new park will look like during the week. On the weekends the market will take over this park (it is even plumbed with electricity and gas and water for the food vendors) and my booth will be right in the center of the picture, on the edge of the market where people enter. Wowza. Makes me shakey thinking about it. Felt like a balzy move. I am hoping it will lead to photography that will get my business publicity. New site = site photography, and my red Leah sign will be in those pictures! (I hope)


autumncomfort said...

So freaking cool Leah! I am so excited for you!

Mary Kelly said...

wow Leah! That's so awesome. I have no idea where I will be set up but I'm happy to be a part of this new market as well. It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun!

And to be possibly in every promo shot of Saturday Market is just soooo fantastic.

Leah said...

Thanks ladies!!

I am very excited about the advertising possibilities. Its a bold move for me... I hope to use the off season (Jan-Feb) to prepare my business to best take advantage of all that exposure.

LeaKarts said...

Ooh, that is so freaking awesome! Yay!!!