Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vending Makes Me Tired...

This picture was taken around 4:30pm. It was already pitch dark here in Portland. I have some green Christmas lights that I usually string on my booth to keep it festive in the dark afternoon, but I've broken too many of the bulbs and now the strand has finally stopped working.

I really busted my butt to make the booth look good for this weekend. In spite of my car troubles (car is still in the shop, still has a broken transmission), I really tried hard to remain upbeat and happy while vending my artwork. I have been stocking up, and while this weekend was exhausting physically, my inventory held strong and there is still plenty to go around.

I know you want to give mobiles to all your friends and family this year! Right?! It would be my honor to help bring smiles to as many people as possible!! :)

This last picture is my little Christmas tree setup at the market... I thought it looked pretty cute this weekend

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