Monday, November 24, 2008

Walking Adventures

Today I had an adventure with Portland Public Transportation. Tried out an easy route from my house to my shop using the 33 bus and the yellow line of the Max Train. In a total Leah moment I got off the bus too early (instead of at the train stop like I was supposed to). Moment of confusion, no biggy, I knew where I was, so I just started walking. About a mile down the road I passed a bakery, the amazing Grand Central, and stopped by there for a sandwich... then I ended up at Mississippi and walked all the way down the hill to Interstate (at least another mile) where I picked up the train. How did my route run so amook? I dunno. It took 2 hours to get to my shop. Which usually I could drive to in 15 minutes. But I had a good time! The walk was brilliant and the weather was sun-shiney. I successfully did make it to my shop and back. And I got a bunch of work done. So I can't complain.

I could complain about the fact that my car died last Thursday (the transmission on my perfectly good '99 Rav4 just ate sh*t and now I am facing $$$$ to fix it or donate it for a tax refund and get a new car). The predicament is overwhelming and the reality of the matter is I have no wheels now. My brother let me use his car last weekend to vend at the Saturday Market, and today it was soo nice out and I simply don't have time to shop for a car with all the prep-work for Thanksgiving weekend at the market, I gotta get work done. So public transport was my wheels today - and it was an adventure in many ways. I have been meaning to use my bike and public transport more... so I am taking this opportunity to do so. (and trying to remain calm all the while - what else can I do!)

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