Monday, December 1, 2008

Cyber Monday Holiday Shopping

I always loved advent calendars as a kid. And for the record, mine had no candies or toys behind the doors, they were simply little pictures. Mine were flat advent calendars that usually the 24th door would be a big double door with a picture of Jesus behind it. Then when I got a little older we had German foreign exchange students. One of their mother's sent a big metal chest of Christmas treats for us, mostly chocolate and hazelnut stuff, and these fabulous advent calendars that had candies behind the doors. I had known these existed (many of my prep school friends had fancy advent calendars) but this was the first time I had my own. My mother was not impressed with the idea of us having piece of chocolate before breakfast. She preferred to encourage us to embrace the illustrated calendars, some years we would make them ourselves with funny drawings and handcrafted little tear-out doors. And I always LOVED December 1st to eagerly wake up and open the first door of my calendar.

Anyhow - its December 1st - Cyber Monday for you online shoppers.

Later today I am going to do a quick Cyber Monday Giveaway on my blog, stay tuned! (I will post the giveaway opportunity at noon my time, 3pm EST)

By the way, the picture is from SantaCon 2007 - hundreds of drunk Santa Clauses that decend upon Portland for a pub crawl, this particular Santa was giving presents to people who had been naughty, he called himself the "Pro-Naughty Santa".

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday weekend!


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