Friday, December 26, 2008

Big Glass Bowls: Birds on a Line

These are two large 17" bowls that I made for my family as Christmas presents. I am currently holding them hostage due to weather snafu.

I thought it'd be nice to blog about something other than snow.

These bowls turned out really nice. I used Brilliant Blue - which is a great color (I can't think of the Bullseye # for this right now) - just cut one sheet in half and cut two big circles, and for each I cut a 17" circle of clear tekta. Then I used some of the scrap marzipan glass from the first "Birds on a Line" big bowl series to make some long wires and birds with my handy dandy torch and some tweezers. I purposefully made one of the wires flex a bit and put a fat bird sitting on it (this is on the bowl that is out of focus in the picture). The other bowl has two birds kissing, and both bowls have one bird flying away.

I love the narrative aspect of this image. Birds on a Line. Birds are funny. We've been watching naturalist David Attenborough, "The Life of Birds" series on Netflicks. Its wonderful.


erin said...

The bowls are fabulous! Wish we could have seen you yesterday but hopefully we can get together soon!!!

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Those bowls are wonderful. I didn't even know you could make those. Wow!

Mary Pellegrini said...

Uh OH -- I saw my gift! It is wonderful. Love the color of blue you chose. It was fun to read your christmas memories.

Leah said...

hi Mom! its in the mail... a big box should be arriving some time next week :) I am glad you like it!

you always made Christmas a lot of fun Mom! I have so many great memories.