Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Good Luck Give-Away!

Guess how many Lady Duds are in this jar

Good luck in the New Year! Hopefully 2009 will bring many smiles, good times, positive changes and manageable stress levels. :) Best of luck to all of us!

As a fun game to welcome in the new year - I am giving away all of these little glass ladybugs. Ah... I should add that they are sorta weird, all "seconds" (as in, some have 3 eyes, or none, or just look wrong, etc). They are beads (there is a hole going thru them) and they are small (you could put one on a dime). Lady bugs to bring you good luck - Aimee calls them "Lady Duds" - I like that!
So here's how the game works: Guess how many Lady Duds are in the jar! There are more than 5 and less than 50. The closest guess wins the lot of 'em - for free!

Game runs thru Jan. 9th, 2009. Anyone can enter - feel free to give it a stab (only one guess per person)

Good Luck!


Anonymous said...


We call my daughter Bug and she loves lady bugs so I have to tell you, these are CUTE!

Happy New Year.


Mary Pellegrini said...

25 Love, Mom

Mary Pellegrini said...

Hey Leah, I LOVE the ocean creatures mobile!

The lady bugs and the mobile make me think that you could make me some fabulous I Ching tokens. I use fried marbles to pull an I Ching hexagram. They copy the probability of the stick method, which takes a lot of time. I use 7 marbles for young yin/broken line. I use 5 of another color for Young Yang/unbroken line. I use 3 of another color for old yang/unbroken line with a circle in the middle indicating a change coming to make it a broken line. And I use one more color for old Yin/ broken line with an X in the middle, indicating a change coming to make it an unbroken line.
The size and smoothness of the fried marble is perfect for blind choosing from a cup. The flat bottom lets them sit on the table without rolling off. The colors make clear to me what has been chosen. I have to keep marking them with
permanent marker on the back because I can never remember which color is old yang or old yin. The other 2 I remember.
Love Mom

nancyturtle said...


aimee said...


Mmmm... Lady duds! :D

Frances said...

Darn, I missed the deadline! I'll have to keep better track of your giveaways, as I love your work.