Monday, December 22, 2008

More Photos of Snow!

I cannot stay inside in this weather. I wake up and look out the window and after a few hours of drinking tea and lounging around the house I feel the urge to go play in the snow.
So today that is what I did! I also took the last of my postal packages to the mailbox in the process. I am not sure though if the mail people are still out and about. I know the saying "rain sleet or snow" but I am just not sure. We received no mail at my house, I shoveled the walk just in case! The above picture is my shoveled walk with a 15inch ruler for scale. You wouldn't believe me that it NEVER snows in Portland. Maybe once a year it might get sprinkly, but nothing like this. Never.
The city is covered in over 15 inches of snow and nothing is really happening. ODOT only plows the major roadways and one of the airport runways (although the airport is only servicing 1/4 of the scheduled flights and over 300 people spent the night there last night!!! Happy Holidays eh.)
Okay - so I walked around with my camera and took lots of pictures... the playground by my house looks amazing all covered in ice and snow. So that is what I am sharing on my blog here. If you want to see other pictures I took today, check out my flickr. I even dug a snow cave in this huge snowdrift on the side of my house. Oh yeah baby. I may have no kids to play in it, and it was a work-out for sure just making it - but I had fun. Its sorta painful to sit in, but its quite cozy to lay down in, I'll have to make it bigger inside tomorrow.


Kinman Studios said...

Our postman was out and delivering today - UPS was all but shut down though.

Leah said...

I still got no mail today. hmph. thats two days in a row.