Monday, December 15, 2008

Goodies that I bought at Crafty Wonderland

From top to bottom, left to right :)
Cat by SewManyCats
Massage Candle by AutumnComfort
Koozie (for Tim's metal water bottle - I don't think he reads my blog) by Merrit
Chocolate Truffles by Coco&Co
Richard Scary Purse by MugWump
"Connectivity" (my new painting!) by LeakArts

I actually really did try to hold back and not buy too much. A little trade and a coupla purchases were inevitable though. Seriously.

ps. my mom made my brother a "Loley Worm" doll when he was little. Richard Scary was a big hit at our house back in the day, and Loley was a favorite stuffed animal of Tony's!

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Beck said...

I'm so wanting to do a group crafty goodness shot but I can't. People would know what I bought for Christmas. Doh! I totally got one of Stacie's Owls & one of her Cats.