Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow in Portland

At first I woke up to the sound of hard rain this morning (I think) and then I woke up to silence and a white-wash of falling snow. Its so beautiful outside! A true winter wonder land!

I took some videos, the still pictures just don't capture the glory. It just doesn't usually snow like this in the valley where Portland is. Its just crazy. Makes me want to get on the bus and go downtown to go to Macy's. ? I dunno, a Christmas sorta thing... bundle up and go check out the big tree downtown and such. And I think I'll clean the kitchen and bake cookies. Its that kind of day. I sorta have a sore throat, yesterday I felt pretty crappy.

Its snowball snow :)

Oh and have I mentioned - I have the car back. And yes, she purrs. I am looking forward to going car shopping with Tim and trading in this car. But here she is. Sitting in my driveway getting snowed on. Already I've lugged home an x-mas tree in her, and she has taken a few really huge boxes to the post office and last night a trip to Ikea where she brought home a new big red chair for tony. Good car, all-wheel drive for this crappy weather, so it feels great to drive. But she's gotta go.

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