Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow Day #10

my snow fort is so big now that both Tim and I can fit in it!

What I find really amazing about this snow mayhem is the common suffering. Portlander's unite, this is crazy-town. The snow is beautiful and fun, but this is just day after day of the same predicament. The weather has f***ed us. Its bitter sweet.

Tim and I took the train today to get from my house to his. It took 3 hours and it was completely exhausting. Although if he could hear me say this he would quickly chime in that we stopped at Trader Joes for some food and beer, so I suppose the commute alone did not take a whole 3 hours. But basically, it did.
The train was ridiculous. There were crowds of people waiting, and the train finally showed up full. Thankfully there was another train right behind it, but the dumb fools at the 82nd street station couldn't help themselves from bumrushing the doors so that the train couldn't close them and roll along. We got on the following train and it was still packed in pretty tight. When we tried to get off at the next stop the doors wouldn't open, so we were stuck on the train till the next stop. Then after going to Trader Joes we tried waiting for a bus, but Tim convinced me to walk. Sheesh. We walked for miles. Snow pants, moon boots, multiple hats, mittens, and 2 pairs of long johns. I was alright, but I whined a bit just the same. Tim walks so fast! And the roads are crazy.

There are so many pedestrians out on the snow covered roads. Neighbors shoveling their walks and people trying to dig their cars out of their drive-ways. We are all doing the same thing: killing time. Its fun to bond with my neighbors! Day after day of this incapacitation. The urge to do SOMETHING is powerful. And tomorrow we are supposed to get more snow! wow.

At this point I have trouble appreciating the glory of having all this forced relaxation time. I keep going out in the snow exhausting myself playing and simply trying to get anywhere takes the bulk of a day.

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