Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Need Inspiration? Take Pictures!

I am sitting here surrounded in work. Literally I arrange the trays of glass pieces and pliers and swivels and whatnot in a big circle around me. Now I just the need the umph to get going :)

So I picked up my camera and put a my lightbox under some of the glass pieces to take some inspirational pictures. They look like precious yummy gems. I love taking pictures of these bits of glass. Even more, I love making mobiles out of them.
So here I am, trying to take advantage of my compulsive picture taking. Inspiration = motivation. I am happy to play with these bits and make mobiles out of them, its just intimidating dealing with the holidays. I already have been making and shipping and selling a lot of inventory this season, but this coming weekend is Crafty Wonderland and I have been pumping out as many little bitty mobiles as possible to share. I am looking forward to the big Crafty Wonderland show, and I will be at the Portland Saturday Market as much as possible for the end of the season.

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