Monday, December 8, 2008

My Weekend Vending

It was a rainy Sunday yesturday at the Portland Saturday Market. Its December, so thats pretty typical, but it doesn't make for great weather to be selling artwork outdoors. Silliness. I took a video of the rain, you can't really tell it was raining so hard in the picture above. In the video you can see the construction on the Mercy Corps building too.

However, Saturday was a beautiful day - crazy beautiful. In the morning my world was covered in frost, and as the sun rose the sky was perfectly clear and the big pink building downtown looked like a big disco-ball reflecting rays of sunlight up into the air like a big halo. And I didn't have my camera - I was busy getting my booth out of storage and my purse was in the car locked safe with the camera in it. Ah well.

Later that afternoon the drunk santas came out in mass to confuse little children all over Portland. Its a big pub crawl called "Santa Con" and the drunk people in santa outfits gather in large masses and yell "Ho" in unison. Its always fun when they visit the Portland Saturday Market. I believe its a central meeting place for the organizers. Great for picture taking. There are a bunch of images on my Flickr account.

Then the sunset that night was incredible. Saturday was really a nice day. I got to meet lots of wonderful customers down at the market and enjoy the beautiful sunny day. Sunday I then got to get rained on like a louser - but hey - I ended up getting my neighbors to watch my booth for a bit and ran away to the studio to do a bit of work on a humming bird project.

okay, the image uploader for blogspot just stopped working for me... I'll try more later... but for now, you can see pictures of what I am talking about on Flickr


aimee said...

I was doing kareoke with friends on Saturday night, I think I saw some of your Santas there. Or maybe they were different Santas. But they sure were Santariffic!!

Leah said...

I am sure they were part of SantaCon... there were thousands of them all over PDX. I was told the organizers had to splinter up the masses this year cuz last year it was too crazy - the good weather brought out over 1000 drunk santas into downtown - I guess they caused a little trouble. I kinda thought that was the point :)