Thursday, December 4, 2008

picture update

Okay - anyone who knows me, knows it doesn't take me long to whip out the camera. So here are a few pictures from the day...

First the picture I promised of my sweet lovins boxes that I picked up at Carton Services. 89cents a piece, this included all the pink foam. And the best part (other than the cheapness)... they are recycled! They must have held computer parts or something. Now they will hold mobiles on their way their maker to their new owners
The next picture came from my acupuncture appointment this afternoon. I wish I could share a picture of what the needles looked like in me today, my Doc did moxibustion, so there were burny things stuck to the end of the needles in my belly. It was neat! There are fragrant herbs in the wool roll that is burned, I liked the smell. The things that look like cigarette butts (wool and herbs instead of tobacco) in the picture are what they burn on the end of the needles.
And then the last image for the day is just cuz I am all excited about this, I thought I'd share! I signed up for and downloaded some This American Life to my MP3 player. This took a little customer support to do (my player is a Creative MuVo player, not an iPod or nuthin, so the format had to be changed, but hey the customer support at Audibles was rockin, thanks Sean!!). So now I am all super stoked that the next time I ride the bus I can listen to a This American Life episode! In fact, I downloaded 3 to choose from. Yeah!!!

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