Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Crafty Goodness: Making Cinnamon Ornaments

Mary blogged about her fun times making cinnamon ornaments and the idea was planted in my head to try and make some myself. Cinnamon Ornaments!

Here's my how to on making these wonderful smelling decorations:

What You'll Need:
- equal parts applesauce and cinnamon (I used 1 cup each)
- ground nutmeg and clove if you have them
- Elmers Glue
- oven or dehydrator
- plastic straw
- rolling pin
- wax paper
- cookie cutters
- cookie pan
The process is odd but easy. Mixing up all the cinnamon into the applesauce takes a bit of persuasion, and then the dough isn't very cookie-dough like... but its relatively easy to work with. Use the wax paper to roll out the dough pretty thin (1/4") so it won't take too many days to dehydrate. And the plastic straw is for cutting the holes so you can hang them. Then bake them at 250degrees for a while, flipping them once. If I had a dehydrator, that'd be the way to go... but I don't... so I just left mine out to sit for a couple of days before I decorate them.

Don't eat them - they won't taste good, they just smell good.
The whole house smelled so good as I made these! My brother said he's gonna sleep walk during the night and eat some. When I opened the oven the smell of cinnamon was so strong I could taste it!

Now I need some puffy paint so I can decorate them.


maggie said...

so thats what you were doing whilst we were freezing our butts off at the market...

had fun though!

aimee said...

You are so cute!!

Erin said...

I bet your tree smells yummy! (do you have a new haircut?)

Leah said...

actually, all I did yesturday was watch the snow out the window... I sat around and listened to the radio and watched movies on my computer (Tim's TV conveniently broke). We took a walk (to rent more movies) at one point and froze our butts off.

I made the ornaments the night before :)

maggie - if the weather weren't so shit I'd make you decorate them with me! You have all the right supplies!

Erin - no haircut, just unkempt, snow-bound, smooshed by hats hair :)

Amanda said...

I made some of these last year, and it was so exciting to pull them out again this week! Mine aren't decorated, but I think that's okay. Maybe some day, I'll find time to do it right. :)

Leah said...

do yours still smell good from last year? I remember these things holding their scent really well... my mom would simply wrap them in a little tissue and store in a cardboard box during the year. Hers were not decorated at all either... I just can't resist the opportunity to play with glitter glue and puffy paint! Although, I don't have any, and a drive to the crafty store doesn't seem quite possible today...