Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snowball Cuteness

Okay, so here I am walking home from the bus (I took a different route home from downtown which included about a mile walk from the stop where I got off) - and I saw a bunch of kids shoveling snow off my neighbors lawns into recycling boxes they had on wagons. This just made me smile so I took a few pictures of them. I wonder what they were planning on making later with all that snow. They were very much distracted by trying to pelt each other with snowballs.

Then they noticed the mailman. He was in his truck waiting at the stop-sign on the corner. They started stockpiling snowballs and planning their attack. I winced and told them to go easy on the mailman (I like my mail-people! I don't want the little local hoolums to beat them up with snowballs! I am such a dweeb - and the little kids called me out on that).

As I walked on, the mailman turned the corner simultaneously putting on his hazards and emergency break - he jumped out of his truck and started pelting them back! He must have been putting on his snow gloves while waiting at the stop-sign and watching the kids get ready for him. I was so pleased I grabbed my camera and took a little video. That mailman was awesome, looked like he had a really good time - and the kids were beside themselves with glee.

Isn't that just awesome!

By the way - I just have to add: the postman really represented well for himself! He was flinging snowballs like a pro - and he had 3 pre-teen kids ganged up against him with their stocks of snowballs. I was impressed by the postman. In fact, I think you can even see him deflect a snowball in the video - defensive action as well as a good offense! Actually, from the moment I heard the mail truck slide to a halt and I turned around to see the postman running out and grabbing snow as white balls rained down on him - I was totally impressed. Go USPS!


Erin said...

That is the most entertaining thing I've seen all week! Thanks for making me laugh! See you this weekend?
(um, if you took the bus, does it mean you don't have your car?)

Erin said...

never mind about the car, I should learn to read your posts in order!

Leah said...

you answered quicker than I could!

yeah the car is back and functional, I just thought the bus would be a better route downtown with all the bad weather... but as it turns out it got really warm out and everything down by you was completely melted (its still snowy by my house) and me with my multiple layers of long johns and whatnot.. I was hot outside! Go figure.

I put more pictures of my walk and such on my flickr :)

love you Erin!

Curly Girl Glass said...

very cute! that's probably the third time this week he's done that!