Thursday, December 4, 2008

Running Errands

Okay yesturday I forgot to keep my camera on me (I picked it up to put it in a pocket, and it just didn't make it there) which was really sad, because I ran some fun errands and multiple times I wanted to be able to snap a picture.

I went downtown, or just North of downtown, to Carton Services, which if you live in Portland and are in need of cheap boxes - this place is the shiz-nit!!! I needed bubbles, and I knew they sell these HUGE bags of recycled bubbles (all different sizes and colors - the bag costs $10 and could easily fit 2 or 3 people in it) and I needed some boxes. I borrowed my brother's car and completely filled it with packaging stuff. What got me super excited were these boxes that are perfect for mobiles, only 89cents each and they came complete with pink foam stuffing. Holy crap they are amazing. I'll take a picture later today and post it! I can't tell ya why a simple box with pink foam in it makes me so happy - but it does!!! They are amazing!!! I am going to have to go back and get more soon. :)

Then after the shipping materials madness, I drove a few blocks down Naito Street to the Food Innovation Center and got paid $25 to taste organic chicken broths and give my evaluations.
It was sorta fun in a super geeky way. Next week they are doing fresh fruit tasting, that would be more fun than broth. The place is part of Oregon State University, a service for the food industry to provide companies with statistical data. Quite the easy $25 bucks, and its right down the street from the cardboard place, so hey - it made for a fun errand running afternoon.

If you live in Portland and want me to send you the email to get hooked up with this OSU program, just let me know and I'll forward it to you. Its a completely volunteer program, and easy money.


Curly Girl Glass said...

Ok, so now I have to go to the carton place JUST to look around and fondle packaging.

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